4 Ways to Keep an Apartment Pet Happy and Healthy

4 Ways to Keep an Apartment Pet Happy and Healthy


by Susan Paretts

Apartment living is so convenient for people, but sometimes it can be confining for our pets who may not have access to the outdoors as much as their counterparts in homes with yards. Plus, they may encounter other canine residents in the elevator, through the window or on their way to the park that they may behave aggressively around. To keep your dog or cat as happy and healthy as possible, there are some steps you can take to make apartment living as pleasant for them as it is for you.

Besides making the inside of your apartment as pet friendly as you can for your furry friend, get your pet used to other animals in your complex with some training, daily exercise and possibly some dog or cat calming aids made with hemp oil. These CBD-infused chews may just make him as well-behaved outside as he is in your apartment, and might help him maintain a calm disposition when faced with external stresses like other animals.

1. Provide Toys for Your Pets

It can be a little boring in an apartment all day with nothing to do, so be sure to leave some fun toys around for your pet to play with. Cats are generally low-maintenance pets, but they still need some mental stimulation to prevent destructive behaviors like scratching up your couch. Dogs also need toys to play with so that they won’t become bored and become similarly destructive. 

Puzzle toys for cats and dogs are a great way to get them interested in play while they’re alone. That’s because you fill them with your pet’s favorite treats, and your furry buddy must work hard to get the treats out throughout the day.

2. Play Training Games with Your Pet

Regularly play training games with your pet in your apartment to teach your pup or kitty how to respond to commands. This is especially important for dogs who will need to learn several commands like “Sit,” “Stay” and “Leave it” before interacting with other dogs. This will prevent potentially aggressive behavior and allow you to immediately control your dog

Make training sessions fun by rewarding your pet with a treat after teaching them a new command. Don’t make sessions too long, keeping them to around 10 or 15 minutes so that your pet won’t become bored. Training not only provides physical stimulation for your pet but also mental stimulation, as well, which is important for your pet.

3. Properly Socialize Your Pet

Apartment-dwelling pets are likely to encounter other pets in the building, especially dogs. That’s why it’s so important to properly socialize your pet to other pets when they are a puppy or kitten. For dogs, bringing them to a dog park regularly gives them a good dose of exercise and socialization with other dogs. But, if your dog is aggressive around other pups, that can complicate things.

To deal with a dog who doesn’t like other dogs, try giving your pup a CBD tincture or chew, as many in the dog training community have anecdotally noted that CBD may help to calm them prior to heading out for a walk where your pup might encounter other dogs. One of the benefits of hemp oil for dogs is that it may have calming properties to make your dog less nervous around other dogs, thus reducing the chance of conflict with them. You can also find dog and cat calming treats with CBD to give to your pet prior to stressful situations like encounters with other building pets. Before giving CBD supplements or chews to your pet, be sure to ask your veterinarian first.

4. Make Your Apartment Pet Friendly

A great way to keep your pet occupied and exercised is to make your apartment pet friendly. While having toys around is a great start, you might also consider providing your pets with comfortable beds to sleep on. Your dog may also appreciate having a crate to curl up in. For cats, invest in some cat condos for them to climb and hang out in. 

Automatic litter boxes are the perfect way for you to always have a clean spot for your cat to eliminate. For dogs, consider setting up an indoor dog potty spot so they always have a place to go within the home to prevent accidents.

How to Keep Your Pets Happy

The best way to keep your pet happy and healthy is to ensure they have lots of mental and physical stimulation indoors. In apartment situations, if your pets are apprehensive around other animals who they see and hear outside, consider giving them dog or cat calming treats infused with hemp oil like those from Heelr. Our chews and tinctures are made with high-quality natural ingredients. Remember, the best way to keep your apartment pets happy is to spend lots of quality time with them. 

Susan Paretts is a pet expert and author whose work has been published in a variety of pet-related publications, including the American Kennel Club, Cuteness, World of Wag, The Noseprint, The Nest Pets, The Daily Puppy, Mom.com and GoFetch. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California with an MFA in writing and lives with her husband and her adorable furry family members.

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