Can I Give Human CBD to My Pet?

Can I give human CBD Hemp Oil to my Pet Dog or Cat?


Simona Galant

If you’re already familiar and comfortable with using CBD yourself, you’re likely aware of all of  the potential benefits that come from it — anxiety relief and pain mitigation, just to name a couple. Maybe you’ve found your favorite tincture and want to share it with the furriest member of your family: after all, they might be experiencing some of the same ailments that you are. But is it safe to do so? 

To put it shortly, no. While it might be tempting to share your own CBD products, you should use a specially formulated product and not take any chances when it comes to your pet’s best health.

The bottom line is that because of the differences in potential additives, flavorings, and contents – giving your pet your own CBD products poses a major risk of doing more harm than good.

Just like any product that’s not formulated specifically for animals, CBD products that are meant for humans should never be shared with your animals.

As you might know, you and your pet actually have the same system to process cannabinoids called the endocannabinoid system, which moderates a bunch of your body’s processes by activating — or blocking — its receptors. That said, however, it is wisest to use a product that is formulated specifically for our four-footed friends. In this post, we’ll explain some of the differences and misconceptions about regular CBD and CBD that’s formulated specifically for your cat or dog.

Differences in Human CBD Oil and Pet CBD Oil

When deciding on the best CBD oil for your dog or cat, it all comes down to understanding how to give them the proper and most effective amount. Figuring out how to do that using CBD products designed for humans makes this a lot trickier than using pre-dosed, specifically formulated treats or tinctures made for your four-legged family member. 

Risks of Giving Your CBD Oil to Your Pet

One of the biggest risks in sharing your CBD oil tinctures with your furry friend is the risk of your product containing trace amounts of THC. Since, legally, CBD products are only mandated to have under 0.3% THC content, this poses a risk — even though it’s a minor one — that your pet might have an adverse reaction. A good rule of thumb is to stick to CBD oil products that can extract THC entirely.

When shopping for pet-specific formulated CBD products, always make 100% sure that the product is completely THC-free. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the cannabinoid that’s responsible for producing the psychoactive effects that are known to create a high. While humans are able to process THC — and some find it beneficial — under no circumstances is it safe for your dog or cat to ingest this. You can easily check on your product’s label and Certificate of Analysis (COA) to see if there’s any THC present.  

Benefits of Using Pet CBD Oil and Treats

Pet-specific CBD products will either be pre-measured (if they come as a chew) or will have detailed serving instructions on the packaging, making administering CBD to your pet a breeze. Pet CBD chews will usually come in flavors that are much more palatable for Fido. For example, Heelr’s tinctures come in bacon and chicken flavors that your pet will crave. Also, products formulated for pets will often be designed to enhance specific aspects of your pet's well-being, such as mobility and behavior in a targeted way.

Overall, there are countless benefits when it comes to soothing your pet using CBD products, and relying on specifically pet-formulated options will give you both a more straightforward experience as well as peace of mind. If you think your pet could benefit from CBD, talk to your vet about your options. 

Ready to give it a shot? Try Heelr’s tinctures and chews today!

Simona is a San-Francisco based writer with a passion for helping tech companies and cannabis brands share their stories. She is particularly inspired by her 40-pound French Bulldog named Mose. 



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