Calming Your Puppy: Can You Give Them CBD?

Can I use CBD Hemp Oil in Puppy Calming Training?


by Dwight Alleyne, DVM

As a pet owner, it can be an exciting time when you bring home a new puppy. However, that excitement can dim a little if the puppy becomes too hyperactive and difficult to control. 

If you are looking for how to calm a puppy down, you came to the right place. We will discuss puppy training tips to help you live in peace with your new furry family member as well as natural methods that may aid in the calming process, including implementing CBD oil for dogs, if appropriate. 

Basic Training Is Key

If you have a wild puppy, don’t panic (or immediately jump to drastic methods to mellow them out). Even the wildest dogs can be tamed or at least managed to a reasonable level with the appropriate protocols. Basic training is important not only in overexcited dogs but also in all puppies to allow for a good relationship.  

Teaching simple commands such as sit, stay, come and go can help a dog become cooperative. Positive reinforcement is involved when teaching these commands. After your puppy is shown the desired command, the behavior should then be reinforced with a treat or praise. Each puppy has their own learning curve, but eventually all will learn the desired behavior.

Training with a Specialized Collar

There are specific collars designed to help calm a puppy down. Hyperactive puppies exhibit undesirable behaviors such as pulling on a leash and jumping when not wanted. Collars such as the Gentle Leader harness allows you to control your dog’s head and nose to prevent pulling. 

Choke collars are designed with prongs to put gentle but uncomfortable pressure on your puppy’s neck when they pull or jump. When used with other behavior modification techniques, these can work well with your hyperactive puppy.

Working with a Trainer

Sometimes your puppy’s activity level can be too advanced for you to handle. This is where you would need to seek help from a professional. They will give you the best guidance on how to handle your dog.

Group classes with trainers can be especially helpful for dogs who misbehave when around other dogs.

CBD Oil and Your Puppy

If you have tried the above puppy training tips but are not getting the desired results, then your puppy may need additional help. CBD oil is an option to discuss with your veterinarian, who can help determine if you should continue on with other methods to manage their behavior, or if it is truly time to bring in a little bit of help. Why CBD oil for dogs? Anecdotally, more veterinarians and pet owners who have administered CBD are seeing how it can help keep your dog calm and relaxed. 

Research shows that there are endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, especially in the area that controls anxiety. As far as safety is concerned,  a study where CBD oil was administered revealed no outward side effects in the dogs involved. Ongoing studies at universities are looking to confirm the possible positive effects of CBD oil for dogs, though it is important to note that no studies to date have examined the effects of CBD on puppies. 

Concluding Thoughts

Hyper puppy? No problem. The puppy training tips discussed can help most dogs. Consistency is important. If the training is not enough, talk with your veterinarian on what is the next best option. Your veterinarian can let you know if CBD oil can complement your puppy’s training and give you an appropriate serving size.  If they give you the go ahead, setting up a consistent routine of giving your pup a CBD chew or tincture from Heelr is a great way to help your puppy learn and grow.

Dr. Dwight Alleyne is a veterinarian who has over a decade of experience treating cats and dogs. He is also the creator of the Animal Doctor Blog, where he provides general health advice and pet-product reviews.


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